We never perceived our business as stand manufacturing or marketing. Our primary goal is the development of the exposition industry in Turkey and breaking the grounds with practical projects in international expositions. HES Design situated itself as an “expert” in the areas of interior design, advertising, fair organizations, stand applications and architectural decoration. We participated in fairs with high attendance and in international fairs as the leading firm from Turkey. We do not approach the projects only with “brief-production.” We have design in our genetics. The HES design team first imagines, then we share our imagination with the customer, and after their approval we commit the idea into a design. Production time and quality materials is the second step after imagination. For us, increased-value projects are the top priority. We have been together with our business partners at many exhibitions in Turkey and throughout Europe. We had many projects that we enjoyed and our partners were pleased with. We also have a manufacturing facility in Germany. At HES Design, one of our biggest dreams is to sell innovative projects and ideas to the world. With every project we are assigned, we are one step closer to reaching our dream.