• What is Screenprinting? Screenprinting is also called silk or original printing. Screenprinting is the transfer of a graphic to a silk surface that is scretched on a pattern via photoemission. The graphics are transferred by ink that is poured on a pattern with the pressure of rubber tool.
  • Where is screenprinting used?Screenprinting is preferred when durability is the main concern. It can last for a long time without fading. What kind of inks do you use for Screenprinting? We use Solven and UV inks.
  • What kind of ink should you prefer? In general, UV inks are preferred since they are environmental and durable. What are the maximum printing dimensions? Although our highest measurement is 150 cm x 300 cm, we can handle large amounts of prints.
  • What kind of material do you print on? We can print on every kind of surface that can hold the ink. For instance: paper, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, canvas, metallic panels, and wood surfaces.
  • SCREEN PRINTINGScreen printing is applied to touchscreen panels and keyboards in the electronic industry, Lexan, aluminum, PVC, polyester, polycarbonate, stick on labels, blob tags, promotional materials with smooth surfaces such as pens, lighters, watches, table sets, cube blocks, personal organizers, catalogs. Color palettes for paint manufacturers are printed using this technique.