• Placing advertisements on vehicles in the advertising is called “vehicle wrapping”. In general, it is called “Wrapping advertisement on the vehicle” Vehicle Wrapping is a detailed process therefore we look into the matter in more detail. We; Hes Design have eighteen years experience in advertising. In order to keep our customers informed, we share our hands-on-experience on our website and on other social media.

Why vehicle Wrapping?

The Effects of Vehicle Wrapping

  • In the advertising business,there are numerous sources that you can utilize, such as television, radio, newspaper, boards, billboards, etc. Television, radio, and newspaper advertisements are usually expensive and not as practical for companies. We at Hes Design believe that Vehicle Wrapping is the best source in advertising in the sense of cost and reaching the target audience. You don’t need a special car for Vehicle Wrapping, it can be your personal car or a bus, shipping truck, SUV etc. Vehicle Wrapping advertising is a powerful tool because the vehicle will be on the road all the time, and you will have a moving advertisement. The budget required for vehicle wrapping is significantly less compared to television, radio and newspaper ads. There is only a one time payment for the process and it will last approximately 5 to 7 years. After several years of continued outdoor use, there will be some color fading and the wrapped image should be replaced.